Motion Control Robot Hire

The in-house motion control robot is available to elevate video production in the studio.
The 2m reach arm can be used for subtle or extreme motion movements that are precisely adjustable and repeatable. With a speed range of millimeters per minute to 3 meters per second, the rig can cover timelapse to high speed visual effects.
Potential Uses

Improved Packshots:
Rather than finishing content with a static packshot, the system can begin a camera move on a small detail i.e. branding, and pull back to reveal a beautiful packshot. Even a subtle move can elevate a standard packshot to commercial quality.

Details to host:
For hosted content the moco rig can be used to transition between tight detail shots and mid host shots for dialog. The arm has the reach to begin the move as a top down, then start a smooth transition to host.
Using moco in this scenario is great for talent as the camera move will be exactly the same on every take, eliminating the need for the camera operator to attempt to synchronize on every take.

Looping camera moves:
For hosted content, the machine can be used to simulate handheld camera work, on an infinite loop. No need to cut for the camera operator to rest between takes.
The machine can also loop basic movements that allow a host more autonomy to control their dialog timing. Just set the move and forget, once the host has their timing established, the camera move can be time scaled to accommodate.


Fast details:
The system can be used to quickly capture product details using orbital, linear tilting or panning shots. These moves can be pre programmed and recalled to reduce reset time.

Moco unlocks limitless possibilities for visual effects enthusiasts.
Combined with the Inhouse Phantom High Speed camera, precisely timed high speed movements can add a dynamic look to any number of effects.
At the other end of the spectrum, timelapse effects can be elevated with dynamic movement over an extended period.

Dynamic Stop Motion:
Stop motion animation is a powerful tool for content creators. However adding camera movement can be prohibitively difficult. With the moco rig, a motion path can be set, then broken into frame accurate segments. This allows stop motion creators to add camera movement with realistic acceleration and deceleration curves.

Human / Camera Choreography:
The moco rig can be programmed to interact with human movements.
This use allows for incredible jump cut sequences in which the camera movement is seamless.
For more moco concepts and ideas, or to workshop your own ideas, reach out and let us know, we’ll figure out how to make it work!



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